Nashville's Largest Antique Mall
Nashville's Largest Antique Mall
With a combined 50,000 square feet between our two stores, GasLamp and GasLamp Too, we offer the highest quality in antiques, vintage finds and home decor in our 300 booths.
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Latest News

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The Find

GasLamp’s weekly online blog, explores the best the stores have to offer

Nursery Decor

Sprinkling a nursery with childhood whimsy is made easy with fabulous vintage finds. A quick spin through GasLamp reveals chic items and retro classics. Since a child’s nursery should be a place for inspiration, displaying one-of-a-kind decorative items around the room will spark his or her imagination.

Hull Pottery

American art pottery is like lipstick: Through financial ups and downs it has remained an inexpensive decorative touch for women from all social classes. Lipstick has long added a flourish to any outfit — even those threadbare ensembles of the Great Depression. Art pottery has always brought color into any room — whether that room was in a middle-class household or in a seamstress’s cottage at the edge of town.

The Allure of Estate Jewelry

Fine estate jewelry possesses an allure not found in modern-day baubles. Not only is it beautiful, it retains a layer of history, making for an irresistible statement about the wearer’s interests. From intricate Edwardian wedding bands to the unmitigated sparkle of diamond-encrusted bling from the 1950s, estate jewelry combines yesteryear’s artistry and the historic styles that underscored their times.

Fabulous Glass

The sumptuousness of antique and vintage glass cannot be exaggerated, particularly when used to decorate the dining room. This low-lit room, dressed up in finery, has historically been a stage for displaying one’s wealth and taste, so that is where one’s most precious pieces of glass were displayed.